Internet and Copyright

Intellectual Property Protection in the Web

Normal intellectual property principles and rules apply also in
Internet. That means that text, sounds, pictures, animation put on a
Website normally belong to their author or other rightholder and the use
of these work of mind without autorization is illegal except for uses
which normally fall within an exception or limitation, such as
quotations, use for parody or educational uses.

Short guide of legal/illegal acts :

  • Insert to your Website a link to another website. Unless the author
    strictly prohibites the creation of hyperlinks, to create a simple link
    to the homepage of the website isn’t considered as illegal.
  • Other types of links. The framelink (to link a page or just an
    object of the webpage inside a frame) is not legal, because it alters
    without authorization the way the author means to represent his work.
    Furthermore, the deeplinking (to create a link to a page inside the
    website by avoiding to enter through the homepage) is not permitted. It
    can be considered as infringement of copyright or even infringement of
    the database sui generis right
  • To download the website. Websdites are protected by copyright. To
    download the website in order to view it whith more comfort is a
    relevant exception to IP law and it’s not illegal. But to permanently
    download one or more elements of a Website is an infrigment.
    Furthermore, to copy a website in a whole is strictly forbidden.

GNU License and Creative Commons

The GNU license for the software – or the Creative Commons for all
type of work of mind – are very specific licenses, which not only give
to the user a right to use the work, but it gives also the possibility
to alter the work in order to create new works of mind. Of-course the
freedom of the user depends on the licence terms and it is subject to
certain conditions. By example, one condition might be thta the user
can’t use the work for commercial purpose or that the name of the author
should be memtioned. Works of mind which are provided under these
licences enjoy the same protection like other works of mind. The
difference is that the author chose a different way to exercise his
rights over the work and to disseminate the work. The violation of the
licence terms is an act of copyright infringement.