Articles, Chapters in books and comments on case law by years.

Chapters in edited books

A) 2014

1.     T. Synodinou/Ph. Jougleux, “The legal framework of Internet service providers in Cyprus”, in: G. Dinwoodie, Secondary liability of service providers, Springer (expected date of publication: sping 2015), (in English).
2. T. Synodinou/V. Argyropoulou/A. Christoforou, “Company law and succession in the Cypriot legal system”, in: S., Kalss, Company Law and Succession, Springer (expected date of publication: February 2015), (in English).
3. T. Synodinou, “Land registry in Cyprus: between formalism and realism”, in: A. Wudarski, Grundbuchfunktionen im europäischen Rechtsvergleich“(Functions of land registers in European Comparative Law Perspective), Peter Lang Verlag, (under publication, expected date of publication: December 2014), (in English).
4.T. Synodinou,“ Copyright law, an ancient history, a contemporary challenge ” in : : A. Savin/ J. Trzaswkowski, “Research Handbook on EU Internet Law” , Edward Elgar, 2014. (in English).
5.    T. Synodinou, Analysis of articles 8 and 13 of the Rome II Regulation, in: A. Bolos/D.P. Tzakas, Private International Law of extra contractual obligations, An article by article analysis of the Rome II Regulation, p. 317-338 , (in Greek).
6    T. Synodinou, “Copyright law and people with disabilities”, conference proceedings, Nomiki Vivliothiki 2014, (in Greek).
7. T. Synodinou “Régulation et autorégulation du droit d’auteur sur Internet” in: J.P. Clavier/ C. Bernault/ A. Lucas-Schloetter, Mélanges André Lucas (in press, Lexis Nexis, 2014, (in French).
8. T. Synodinou, “La protection internationale des AOP/IGP” in : Th. Georgopoulos, : “Les AOC a l’épreuve de la nouvelle OCM vitivinicole”, Paris, Mare & martin publications, 2014 (in French).

B) 2013

1. T. Synodinou Analysis of articles 15, 15a, 17b of Law 2190/1920 about companies limited by shares (Société Anyme) and of European Company Law, Sakkoulas publications 2013, p. 23-119, 875-886, 1035-1054 (in Greek).

C) 2012

1.    T. Synodinou, “National report for Cyprus”, in: R. Hilty/S. Nérisson, Balancing Copyright- A Survey of National Approaches, MPI Studies on Intellectual Property and Competition Law 18, Springer, 2012, p. 349-363 (in English).
2.    A. Grammaticaki-Alexiou/T. Synodinou, “National Report for Greece”, in T. Kono, Intellectual property and private international law, Comparative perspectives, Hart Publishing, 2012, p. 619-636 (in English).
3.    T. Synodinou “The excile of ideas from copyright law: a critical overview of the idea/expression dichotomy in the 21st century”, in Modern issues of copyright law, in memoria of profesor Koumantos, Sakkoulas Publications, Athens-Thessaloniki, 2012, (in Greek).
4.    T. Synodinou, “Protection de la propriété à Chypre : cadre légal et frontières de l’acquis communautaire”, in Rosseto/Agapiou-Joséphides, La singularité de Chypre dans l’Union européenne, Diversité des droits et des status, Paris, Mare & Martin, 2012 (in French).
5.    T. Synodinou, “The protection of the image of a person and its limitations” in: E-themis, “Law at the digital age”, Athens, Nomiki Vivliothiki, 2012, (in Greek).
6.    T. Synodinou “The foundations of the concept of work in European Copyright Law” in: Synodinou (ed.), “Codification of European Copyright, Challenges and perspectives, the Hague, Kluwer Law International, 2012, p. 93-113. (in English)

D) 2011

1.    T. Synodinou, “Google versus the Law. Google’s legal adventures and their impact to the evolution of European information law”, in M Bottis, An information law for the 21st century, Athens, Nomiki Vivliothiki, 2011, p. 502-521 (in English).

E) 2010

1.    T. Synodinou, The protection of digital libraries as databases: an ideal choice or a paradox?”, in: “E-Publishing and Digital Libraries: Legal and Organizational Issues”, Hershey-New York, IGI Global Information Science Reference, 2010, p. 232-256. (in English)
2.    T. Synodinou ,“Intellectual property law and personal data protection” in Gritzalis/Lambrinoudakis/Mitrou,“Protection of privacy in the field of new technologies”, Papasotiriou editions 2010, p. 603-621 (in Greek).
F) 2009
1.    T. Synodinou, “RFID Technology and its Impact on Privacy: Is society one step before the disappearance of personal data protection?”, in: I. Iglezakis/Ph. Kozyris/D. Politis, Socioeconomic and Legal Implications of Electronic Intrusion, IGI Global, Information Science Reference, Hershey-New York, 2009, p. 89-107. (in English).
2.    T. Synodinou, “Analysis of the 7th chapter of Greek Copyright Law 2121/1993”, Sakkoulas Legal editions, Athens-Thessaloniki, 2009, p. 731-810 (in Greek).
3.    T. Synodinou, “The newspaper as a database”, in: I. Stamatoudi, “Copyright for journalists”, Sakkoulas publications, 2009, p. 161-180 (in Greek).


A) 2014

1. T. Synodinou, “Internet service providers’ liability: new evolutions”, under publication in Computer Law and Security Review, March 2015 (in press) (in English).
2. T. Synodinou, « Réflexions autour de la récente et féconde œuvre jurisprudentielle européenne en droit d’auteur », Propriétés Intellectuelles, April 2015 (in press) (in French).
3. T. Synodinou, “Databases and meta search engines: what new and what next?”, EIPR, vol. 12, November 2014 (in English).
4.T. Synodinou, “Image right and copyright law in Europe: divergences and convergences”, published in the open access journal MDPI, Law, Special Issue: Intellectual Property, (in English), at:
5. T. Synodinou, “Real property in Cyprus: in search of an identity”, Jahreshefte der Internationalen Juristenvereinigung Osnabrück (IJVO) ISSN 1866-3931, nr. 18, 2014. (in English).

B) 2013

1. T. Synodinou, “The protection of privacy in continental law tradition”, Chronicles of Private Law, September 2013, (in Greek).
2. T. Synodinou, “E-books: A New Page in the History of Copyright Law?”, EIPR 2013, vol. 35, issue 4 (in English).

3. T. Synodinou,“European Copyright Law : Quo vadis? The European Commission asks for your opinion” (in English) available on line at:

C) 2012

1. T. Synodinou, “The media coverage of court proceedings in Europe: Striking a balance between freedom of expression and fair process”, Computer Law and Security Review, April 2012, p. 208, (in English).
2. T. Synodinou, “The principle of technological neutrality in European Copyright Law”, EIPR 2012, vol. 34, issue 9, p. 618, (in English).
3. T. Synodinou, “Google versus the law”, World Financial Review July/August 2012, (in English),  at : .

D) 2011

T. Synodinou, “The protection of choreographic works by copyright law”, 2011, (in Greek), available on line at:

E) 2010

1. T. Synodinou, “The Lawful User and a Balancing of Interests in European Copyright Law”, IIC 7/2010, p. 819, (in English).
2. T. Synodinou, “Database sui generis right and re-utilisation of the information of the public sector”, Media Law Review, 2010, p. 45, (in Greek).

3. T. Synodinou, “Digital libraries and copyright law in Cypriot law”, June 2010, (in Greek), available on line at:

F) 2009

1. T. Synodinou, “Legal protection of databases by the database sui generis right: new confirmation of the proprietary character of sui generis right after the ECJ decision of 9th of October 2008”, 19 p., Media Law Review 1/2009, p. 36-44, (in Greek ).

G) 2008

1. T. Synodinou, “Distribution networks and Internet”, Greek Commercial Law Review, June 2008, p. 273-297, (in Greek).

H) 2007

1. T. Synodinou, “Journey to the sources of the three-step test in copyright law”, Revue Lamy Droit de l’immatériel, aout/septembre 2007, p. 67 (in French).
2. T. Synodinou, “The game and the consumer”, Scientific Yearbook of Armenopoulos Law Review 2007, p. 35-63, (in Greek).
3. “T. Synodinou, Mass Media and Culture: the protection of journalists by copyright”, Media Law Review, 2007, p. 198, (in Greek).
4. T. Synodinou, “Copyright protection for authors who are employed by the Public sector”, Armenopoulos Law Review, March 2007, p. 362-372, (in Greek).
5. T. Synodinou, “The Directive on the legal protection of databases: ten years of application”, Chronicles of Private Law 2007, p.667-672, (in Greek).

6. T. Synodinou, «Legal protection of databases: Analysis of the ECJ judgments of 9th November 2004″, (in English)  at:

I) 2006

1. T. Synodinou, “Databases and libraries”, Hellenic Review of European Law, January-Mars 2006, p.143-168, (in Greek).

J) 2005

1. T. Synodinou, “The use of RFID technology and data protection”, Armenopoulos Law Review, September 2005, p.1363-1374, (in Greek).
2. T. Synodinou, “New data for the database protection”, Media Law Review, n°5, January-Mars 2005,p. 63-74, (in Greek).

K) 2001

1. T. Synodinou, “The originality criterion in European intellectual property law”, June 2001, Armenopoulos Law Review, p. 755-770, (in Greek).

Comments on case law

A) 2013

1.     IP infringement on Internet” Football Dataco Ltd, Scottish Premier League Ltd, Scottish Football League, PA Sport UK Ltd v/ Sportradar GmbH, Sportradar AG, Media Law Review 2/2013, p. 39-43 (in Greek ).

B) 2012

2.    “A Greek premiere: Greek ISPs ordered to block access to infringing websites, 21 November 2012, (in English).
3.    Decrypting the code: CJEU SAS vs. World Programming, 7 May 2012,, (in English)

C) 2011

4.    Databases: sui generis protection and copyright protection, (in English).
5.    Case comment on the Padawan decision ”, Applications of Public Law I/2011, p. 87, (in Greek).

D) 2009

6.    Comment on the decision District Court of Athens 2903/2009 (Collective management organisations), Media law Review, (in Greek).

E) 2008

7.    “Protection of titles of newspapers: comment on Court of First Instance of Athens decision number 5970/2008 ” Media Law Review 3/2008, p. 259-362, (in Greek).
8.    “Collective management over works of music and contract in the phonographic industry: Comment on Court of Appeal of Athens 8427/2006 decision”, Media Law Review 1/2008, p. 35-43, (in Greek).

F) 2005

9.    “Droit d’auteur et droit du producteur d’une base de données, retour sur « l’arrêt malgache »”, Expertises des systèmes d’information, n° 298, décembre 2005, p. 422, (in French).
10.    Troubles juridiques autour de la protection d’un site web, Expertises des systèmes d’information, n° 290, mars 2005, p. 96 – 101, (in French).

G) 2001

11.    Ph. Jougleux/ T. Synodinou, Le régime juridique des bases de données à la recherche d’un emploi,, septembre 2001, n° 3, p. 85 – 93, (in French).