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Traditional categories of copyright protected works find new ways of
expression or fixation : special digital effects in films and artistic
performances, electronic music derived by the use of computers, digital
books and virtual libraries.

Revolutionary changes have also been made to the role of audience. The
role of the users of copyrighted works has become more active.
Multimedia works offer to their user the possibility to be truly
involved with the work or to have a real dialogue with the work.
A new reality for the users emerges. They don’t just read, watch or
listen but they can influence the content of the work by their
decisions. This new way of communication of the work to its user is
called interactivity and it emerges from the extended use of special

New technologies offer the possibility for more advanced and more
complex kinds of communication with the work. In this context,
interactivity is inextricably linked to digitisation.

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